Completed Projects

Process support for the preparation of the “Built Environment” report

Within the framework of the working group “Energy transition of the built environment” in the academy project “Energy Systems of the Future” (ESYS), ISInova accompanies the processes for the preparation of an expert report with action paths on the topic of the built environment. … Read More

The Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals as an Opportunity and Challenge for Civic Engagement

Cooperation between civil society organizations dealing with environmental issues on the one hand and social issues on the other is still rare and sometimes characterized by reservations. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in particular offer potential for collaboration between organizations and their members on various social and environmental issues. … Read More

Scientific night café on the future city of Magdeburg

Social innovations such as car sharing, upcycling, swap meets, do-it-yourself platforms or urban gardening are also messengers of sustainable consumption. How do such ideas come about? Dr. René John discussed together with Ralf Weigt, Spielwagen e.V., Urban Gardening Magdeburg with Magdeburg citizens … Read More

Sustainable consumption through social innovations – concepts and practice

Unlocking the potential of social innovation to promote sustainable consumption through environmental policy. … Read More

Social innovations in the social transformation process

Systematization of knowledge about social innovations and a development of suitable, novel governance strategies for the promotion of social innovations based on this knowledge. … Read More

Expert workshop: Social innovations in the social transformation process towards sustainable development

Discussion of relevant scientific approaches to the role of social innovations in the upcoming societal transformation process towards sustainable development. … Read More

Representative survey on environmental awareness and behavior in 2012, including sociological analyses

The biennial survey on the state of environmental awareness and behavior, which has been conducted since 1996, is currently being projected and carried out by ISInova. … Read More

Expert workshop nature awareness

The aim of the project is a comprehensive scientific reflection of the concepts and results of the previous two nature awareness studies of BMU and BfN as well as the development of recommendations for their further development. … Read More

Expertise: Innovative power of local sustainability commitment in education, culture and business

The expert report was prepared as part of the project “Rio 20plus on the ground” conducted by the IZT (Berlin) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the German Federal Foundation for the Environment … Read More

The Nature of Society – 33rd Congress of the German Sociological Association in Kassel, October 9-13, 2006.

Contribution to the meeting of the section “Sociology and Ecology”. … Read More