Innovation research for social change

The Institute for Social Innovation (ISInova) aims to research and promote social innovation. Social innovations are understood to be deviating from routines, novel and more than just minor rules of behaviour and procedures that can occur anywhere in society and bring about sustainable social changes.

The Institute, which was founded in 2000, serves as an institutionalized forum for researching and communicating the social significance of social innovations. It closely links the research process with the advisory process. The acquisition of new knowledge in the discovery of new forms of organization and practice is seen as a consultative intervention.

ISInova is financed by project funds from clients from public and non-profit institutions, organizations and private companies as well as membership fees.

Our topics

Environment, sustainability, employment, demographic change, regional development and commitment
sustainable production processes
Structural change under the perspective of "organisational learning", possibilities of intelligent failure tolerances and the transformation of disorders into the perception of opportunities

The Structure

The Association

The Institute for Social Innovation was founded in 2000 as an association that continues to exist.

Non-profit Company

From the association, a non-profit company was founded in 2018 to handle research projects.