Completed Projects

Authors’ Workshop: Indicators of the New. Innovation as social technology or social methodology?

The workshop took place on 24th and 25th of June 2010 in Berlin … Read More

ISInova Workshop: Indicators of Innovation – Innovation as an Indicator

Understanding of existing concepts and the possibility of developing powerful indicators … Read More

ISInova Workshop: Determinants of Innovation – Indicators, Assessments and Concepts

Assessment of existing concepts and the possibility of developing powerful indicators … Read More

ISInova participation in the INST conference: KCTOS: Knowledge, Creativity and Transformations of Societies

Jens Aderhold chairs the section entitled “Elites as Guiders or ‘Social Parasites’? On the Sociocultural Significance of Elite Action in Social Transformation Processes.” … Read More

Section “Dominating Innovation Discourses between Social Relevance and Ignorance” at the conference “Innovations and Reproductions in Cultures and Societies (IRICS) in Vienna, December 9-11, 2005.

Texts published in TRANS 16 … Read More

Workshop: BDS-Workshop Innovation

The Stuttgart regional group of the Professional Association of German Sociologists (BDS) organized another workshop last September with the active participation of ISInova, which again focused on the concept of innovation and related practical problems … Read More

New theater different

Against the background of the current determination of the place of theater in society under the keyword “repoliticization,” these efforts are examined using the prominent example of the Berlin “Schaubühne” as an example. … Read More


From 2012 ISInova has developed the Azubi|Academy for Heckert GmbH, Chemnitz. In the trainings of the Azubi|Academy, in addition to the vocational training, essential social and methodical competences for a successful start into the apprenticeship and the work at Heckert are taught … Read More

Transformation of leadership guidelines – on the way to a new leadership culture

Explicit management guidelines are intended to provide a binding orientation framework for the actions of managers in organizations such as, e.g. companies offer. They are intended to ensure that the actors involved share a common leadership model, making leadership actions more “predictable” for the organization on the one hand and sanctionable in the event of misconduct on the other. … Read More

“academixer” audience survey spring 2002

In early summer, the well-known Leipzig cabaret “academixer” conducted its first audience survey. The cabaret was supported by ISInova in conducting the survey as well as in the evaluation … Read More