Issue number 24 of the series Articles on Social Innovation published

26. April 2020
René John & Marco Jöstingmeier
Unvermeidbare Veränderungsideen und ihre organisationale Bewältigung
< 1 Min.

The forced novelty and innovation orientation of today’s society also affects organizations. At the very least, they are disturbed and irritated by the permanent flow of information without it being clear whether the information is relevant. They can only react with their own ideas about the informations. Ideas, however, have concrete originators, namely the employees. In this respect, ideas are desired in the organizations as a resource for orientation or are recommended to them under the various time-diagnostic keywords. However, it is questionable from whom which ideas are expected or are to be expected. It must then be decided whether to reject or implement the ideas that come up. This also raises the question of how the associated opportunities for organisational learning and for structural changes can be used and how the potential for disruption inherent in ideas can be neutralised. Organisations find different ways to do this depending on their structures. An empirical exploration of ten different organisations, which are assigned to the economy, science or administration, shows different solutions in dealing with employee ideas, which typically rely on enforcement, supervision or autonomy in dealing with ideas.

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